Being a person of few words I prefer that my photographs speak for themselves!

Growing up in Africa, I was spoilt with the most wonderful natural light.  A very different story here in the UK where in the dark depths of winter working with light is similar to a pig hunting truffles.  Photography literally means ‘drawing with light’ and I am of the opinion that if one knows how to work with light in the most trying conditions, then one is better equipped at ‘drawing with light’.

Graduating from the University of the Arts London with distinction, I honed my skills shooting different genres, mainly high fashion and classic portraiture.  I’m a ‘people’ photographer at heart.  I enjoy the dynamic of capturing people; whether it’s an intimate portrait, high fashion, a celebratory event or anything in between.

I am now adding elopements and weddings to my repertoire.  With experience in High Fashion and Portraiture I want to combine the nuances of both these art forms to capture this special day. 

I do not shoot to a specific style or rely on formulaic set pieces - uniqueness does not have a template.  Everyone is different and my work will be influenced by individual personalities and characters.  I aim to capture what I observe  -  hunting the emotions and moments that will last forever in an album, a picture frame or even your laptop.  

With every commission, I work with clients before and after to ensure that all needs and expectations are met.  On the day, I’ll ensure the photography is relaxed, unobtrusive and enjoyable, knowing that what is being captured is uniquely yours.

"Darryl captures the moment most of us miss, with his talent to make the ordinary, extraordinary."

Brian Harrod, Founder & Creative Director of Harrod & Mirlin, one of Canada's preeminent advertising agencies.


Mr Simon Campbell, The Rugby Journal, Creative Director
"I'm always looking for something unique, Darryl provided that with his creative vision. Professional, creative, expert and a pleasure to work with."
Lisa Tripp, Tripp Swimwear, CEO
"Exceptional work. Loved his preparation and attention to detail. I was really pleased with the final outcome. I can't recommend Darryl enough! "
Anisha Patel, White & Co Dental, CEO
"Darryl is professional, courteous and the photos produced were beautiful."
Georgia Hewson, BBC
"I really like Darryl's style, he can really deliver to the brief and his photos tell the story in a dramatic and exciting way."
Dr. Felicia Munjaidi, Zimbabwe Tourism
"Darryl produced the most amazing, inspiring photos of landscapes and Zimbabweans at home and in London."
Kris McKnight, Monogram London, CEO
"Darryl was a pleasure to work with and extremely talented. His meticulous planning ensured a smooth photoshoot. He's a true professional."
Robert Scott, GLH, MD
"Working with Darryl was a great experience but more than that he captured the essence of what we are about in his photos. We were delighted with the results."