Darryl Vides-Kennedy is a professional photographer with over 12 years of experience. Since graduating from the University of the Arts London with distinction, Darryl has honed his skills by photographing mainly high fashion and portraiture. He continues to work on his craft by pursuing the never ending quest for the perfect image.

Clients mention that Darryl has the ability to put them at ease and make the process of taking the photograph an enjoyable experience. His personal goal is to try and capture the soul of his subject, whatever the occasion.

Darryl is now also bringing his skills and experience to events and celebrations. Documenting the special event through photography. Darryl works closely with each client pre and post event to ensure that the special moments are captured for eternity.

Available for commissions wherever required.


I specialise in:

- Portraiture

- Private Event Photography

- Fashion Photography


I have been commissioned by:

- the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

- Tripp Swim for the launch of their premium swimwear brand

- GLH, London's leading private hire car company

- The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority

- high net worth clients for special occasions / events

My portfolio showcases my depth and breadth of work.




Tripp Swim

Thomas Pink